Today in History, July 5: 1345: Pope Clement VI banned forced baptism of Jews. Subsequent Popes overturned this decree in 1597 and 1747.


Hamas Finally Admits: ISIS Active in Gaza

Senior official makes first admission by Hamas that ISIS operating in Gaza - but claims the threat is small and Hamas can deal with it.

US Expert: Hamas, not Israel, Killed Boys on Beach in Gaza War

A year after Protective Edge, which Israel won militarily but lost PR-wise, evidence surfaces of a particularly cynical Hamas stunt.

22 Dead in US Air Raids Against ISIS

Six civilians and 16 Islamic State terrorists killed in 'significant' airstrikes executed against jihadist group in Syria.

isis after pramids

ISIS Brings Reinforcements to Target the Pyramids and Sphinx

ISIS has announced that it is setting its sights on Egypt’s pyramids, the Sphinx of Giza, and the country's unique historic monuments in general, after its savage vandalism and looting of other precious world heritage sites.


Jewplexed: Just a Torah on the Moon? Think Bigger!

Is putting a Torah on the Moon a lunatic idea?

Jews and the confederate flag

Jewplexed: The Jewish Stars of the Stars and Bars

As Jewish Americans, you would think we could quickly say "not our flag" regarding the Confederate flag - but for some of us it was and still is.

Michael Oren's Ally

Avrech: A Look Inside "Ally"

As bad as things looked between Obama and the Israelis from the outside, it was even more poisonous on the inside, according to Michael Oren's new book about the American-Israeli divide.

Do Palestinians really exist?

Avrech: What is Palestine? Who Are The Palestinians?

Guess who said that the Palestinian people do not exist?


clinton on israel

Clinton: Iran Will be an Existential Threat to Israel After Deal

US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has warned that Iran's "aggressiveness will not end" with the signing of a deal, pointing out the security implications for Israel.


amy winehouse

The Amy Winehouse Documentary Will Break Your Heart

The powerful new documentary, “Amy,” is both fascinating and painful to watch.

malachi rosenfeld

WATCH: Terror Victim's Father Sings at His Son's Funeral

"I raised an ambitious boy, wise, with such great intelligence. He went out to play basketball, a competition between communities, and didn't come back. It's shameful, what is happening in our country."


Pope Francis Emphasizes Jewish-Christian Commonalities

The Pope emphasized commonalities between Judaism and Christianity.

Nicholas Winton, Rescued 669 Children in the Holocaust, Dies at 106

Sir Nicholas Winton, known as the “British Schindler” has passed away at 106.


Mayor of Paris Announces Building of $11 Million Jewish Cultural Institution

“I want to convey a different message to France and its Jews: We determine our own future.”

gay marriage

Jewish Groups Celebrate Legalization of Gay Marriage Nationwide

Thirteen Jewish groups, among them organizations representing the Reform, Reconstructionist and Conservative streams, were among the 25 joining the amicus brief the ADL filed in Obergefell v. Hodges.


14 great quotes about israel from US presidents

15 Things American Presidents Had to Say About Israel & The Jews

Here are 15 memorable quotes from American Presidents about Israel and the Jews.

pre and post tisha bav recipes

Pre And Post Tisha B'Av Recipes

When my father would sit down to the Seudas Hamafsekes, the final meal before the fast, he would dip his egg into ashes, and with tears streaming down his face, he would force himself to eat.

Tisha B'Av Tips on Safe Fasting

The fast of Tisha B'Av, is the day of lamentations marking the anniversaries of the destruction of the First and Second Temples.

Soul Food, July 5

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.-Confucius